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Requested file:87893010361_FMSF702BEU.bin

You can download this file in the following ways:

  • Download using the internal account of the site...

    •       You are not registered or entered under your name.
      Although firmware can be downloaded without registering, I still recommend registering (or logging in with your name if you registered)      You can do this on the main page.

  • Download via Visa, MasterCard or Yandex.Money (15 RUB)...

    • How to download.

      Choose a payment method - a card or Yandex purse by clicking on the appropriate button below. A new window or tab opens, then follow the instructions.

      Do not close this page until you download the file!

      If you already paid

      After making the translation, click DOWNLOAD that would download the file.

      If the file does not download, please wait: the Yandex system makes three attempts to send data about the transfer to the site - immediately after the transfer, after 10 minutes and after 1 hour.
  • Download via PayPal or Visa, MasterCard (25 RUB / 0,50 USD / 0,50 EUR)...

    • How to download.

      Choose in which currency it is more convenient for you to pay and click below the appropriate payment button.

      A new window or new tab will open. Perform a payment using the PayPal payment system. After payment, a page with a code will open. Copy it to the clipboard or write it down.
      Then, on this page, enter the received code in the corresponding field on the right.

      If you already have the access code:

      The access code you received after paying PayPal

      Services provided by PayPal
  • Download through SMS (Russia)...

    • Unfortunately, the SMS service of the PAYY aggregator is not currently available.
      Try later or use other payment methods.
      Operator Price for 1 SMS with taxes:
      MTS 9.99 RUB
      Beeline 9.99 RUB
      Megafon 10.00 RUB
      TELE2 9.99 RUB
      Motiv 9.99 RUB

      If you already have the access code:

      Phone number

      Phone number without the last four digits

      Access code

      Which you received in SMS message

      The cost of the service for MTS subscribers is 9,99 RUB with taxes.
      With the size of the service cost and the procedure for its cancellation, you can find on the operator's website www.mts.ru in the section "Short number services" by typing a short number in the search bar and also by calling the single number 88002500890.
      Information on the cost of SMS to short numbers: sms.payy.ru
      SMS services are provided by payy.ru
  • Download through SMS (Different countries)...

    • Unfortunately, the SMS service of the SMSCOIN aggregator is not currently available.
      Try later or use other payment methods.